October 15, 2011

Back to Black... and Purple... and Funky!

Let's face it. No matter how normal and fairly drama-free my life gets, Alice will still be there. To vent and share stories to absolutely noone, to post graphics and pictures noone will see, and that's fine. If I wanted a bunch of people to read and see all of this stuff I'd put it on one of my social media sites. I can totally be myself with my friends, love them to death, can share all of this with them, but some things I like to keep in my own little private chest, if you will.

So, Alice is back. Maybe a somewhat different Alice from years past... some things are bound to change, some things stay the same. In any case, life is always an interesting ride, I've really missed writing, there are so many things that have happened, especially this past year, that I really want to write about while it's all still fresh.

A very, very short summary if anyone is reading- I'm at a very content point in life. Still very blessed with my friends and family, started a new career, enjoying the insanity of being back out in the dating world again (actually seeing a pretty nice guy right now, it's still fairly new), overall, life is good. There have definitely been some down points and hurdles and hurts, but the blessings way outweigh the curses, in hindsight.

It should come as no surprise that I'm a total Gleek. I freaking love that show for so many reasons. I'd go into them but I now have to get back to watching my football team get slaughtered. Again.